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Gang rape in Mülheim: deportation not possible

MÜLHEIM / Ruhr. The family of the suspected main culprit of the Mülheim gang rape can not be deported to Bulgaria. Shortly before the expiry of a deadline, the mother of 14-year-old Georgi S. was able to submit a contract of employment to the city's foreign office, according to Bild newspaper.

According to city spokesman Volker Wiebels, the woman has been working since 15 October for a minor job at a building cleaning company in Essen. "We will now contact the employer and get referrals." The review will take two months.

Fourteen year old is in custody
In the past, the family's father had already tried to prevent imminent deportation with fake employment contracts. But now he should also have a job in view. Wiebels said, "If the family has an income and the contracts are document-proof, we have no chance of expulsion." Under current law, EU citizens can not be deported if they have an income.

The 14-year-old main suspect is said to have raped a mentally handicapped 18-year-old in the summer with four other children and adolescents. He was arrested, accused of sexual assault. He is in custody.

Junge Freiheit

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