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Silencing Dissent

Written by John (the other John).

In October 2018, a speaker for the “Proud Boys” gave a speech at the Manhattan's Metropolitan Republican Club in NYC. After the speech, members of the Proud Boys were attacked by masked Anti-fact members (a global terrorist organization founded in the 1920’s) on the street.
But much to the chagrin of the Anti-fact members who generally attack people when they severely outnumber the victim(s), in this instance, the ratio was about 1 to 1 (in other words, an unfair fight for Anti-Fact). So as it turned out, the Proud Boys won the street fight. But what did the NYC Police do? They arrested the Proud Boys, whilst the masked global terrorists walked free.


And to add fuel to the fire, two members of the Proud Boys were convicted and sentenced to four years in prison in a NYC prison. (Evidently, the dieverse NYC jury was not persuaded by the evil nature of communists). And considering the dieverse nature of NYC prisons, these Proud Boys might as well have received the death penalty OR just have been shot in the street by the Police. Admittedly, I do not know anything about the Proud Boys, but I do know Anti-Fact and Communism; and there is no more wicked and murderous Western ideology than Communism, which thereby makes its supporters murderers and/or accessories to murder.

But we expect this miscreant behavior from Anti-Fact, but it is the Police and the government that has betrayed us. So when they betray us, then we must revolt against them. But being that we are on the path of becoming minorities in our own nations, then all hope may be lost.

Photo: Reuters/Jim Urquhart.

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