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Nearly 30,000 deported asylum seekers are back in Germany

BERLIN. By 30 September, 28,224 asylum seekers who had arrived since 2012 and were later deported or voluntarily left the country, returned, as the Federal Government's response to a request from AfD Martin Sichert shows.

After being deported, all these people have filed a new application for asylum. "Differentiated reliable data" on the reason of departure could not be determined, said the federal government. Therefore, it remains unclear whether the returnees were deported after refusing their initial application or left with or without financial support from the country.

Every second deportation fails
The group covered here are exclusively asylum seekers. Persons entering with a work or family visa are not included in the statistics.

Also asylum seekers with the note "unknown departure" are not among them. These are applicants who, during or after their asylum procedure, lost contact with the authorities, for example, to infiltrate within Germany or to travel to another country. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, around half of all deportations failed between 2015 and the end of 2018.

Junge Freiheit

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