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“What’s in a Name”?

Written by John (the other John).

In the 1590’s, William Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliette, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet” I cannot lie and say that I like Bill Shakespeare, or that I even read and understood anything he wrote, but this one statement is self-explanatory. Basically, the beautiful sweet-smelling flower that we presently call a “rose”, if we instead called it something else (ex., $h!t), it would still smell sweet; the unpleasant name you call it does not negate the sweet scent. Similarly, if you called the thing we presently call “$h!t” by a different name (ex., a “rose”), it would not negate the $h!tty smell and it would not make it sweet.

How this is relevant for this political forum is when partisans rename some vile/evil/wicked thing into something entirely different in an effort to mislead, divert, and disguise reality (and to transfer blame elsewhere). The specific political event that I am referring to is in regards to the political Party whose full legal name was the “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” (which in English means the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”. As we know from history, the National Socialists killed about 8 million people in concentration camps and death camps, and they also began a world war that killed tens of millions of people. (Essentially, they are bad guys).

So based on these murderous events, it caused a slight public-relations nightmare for Socialists globally. But despite the genocides causing a mild glitch in recruitments, the lucky-cloud seems to follow the Socialists, due in part to them owning the media, academia, governments, etc…, so they decided to “transfer” blame for these genocides to some other organization other than “National Socialists”; so in response, they renamed the “National Socialist Party”, and then they instead blamed these genocides on a right-wing group called “N@z!$”. After all, Left-wing political parties which have the word “Socialist” in their name would never commit genocide, but right-wing “N@z!$” did. So by slight-of-hand, they fooled everybody that “N@z!$” are not “National Socialists”, and “National Socialists” are not N@z!$; after all, “Socialists” are good, while being a “N@z!” is bad (which is true, they are pure evil). So based on this, the average person will forever never make the connection between “National Socialism” and “N@z!!sm”.

So if I may misquote Bill Shakespeare, “What's in a name? That which we call “N@z!$” by any other name would be as despicable as “National Socialists” and “International Socialists”.

So in the spirit of this article, as long as we have “progressed” into the borderless State of Lunacy, then I will begin a new series of articles discussing how Leftists play with words to change the meaning of reality.

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