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With the money of German taxpayers: Deutsche Welle organized a meeting in Argentina about female empowerment and equality

Through Deutsche Welle's "Fuerza Latina", the German state-funded feminist propaganda continues to spread in the region.

Organized by German state-run broadcaster, Deutsche Welle (DW), a panel of discussion called Inspiring Women in Latin America was held in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. The show "Fuerza Latina" (Latin Power) aired by DW and which tells the stories of women who change the world teamed with the Catholic University for this event, bringing women from different latitudes and different profiles.

Among them were biochemist and scientific communicator Evguenia Alechine, Mexican journalist Cecilia González, Marta Guerreño from the Union of Immigrant Communities, and Susana Zaccaro, coordinator of the House of Women and Dissidents. The guests from Germany were Sylvia Viljoen, DW's distribution director, and David Ecker, responsible for the Latin American content at DW.

One of the speakers was Susana Sajaro, from the group Feminismo Villero (Slum Feminism) related to the social organization La Poderosa (the name comes from the motorbike used by Che Guevara and Alberto Granado in their journey through Latin America). Evguenia Alechine, born in Russia but currently living in Argentina stressed that women have a key role against climate change. "Women have a very special feeling in taking care of what is ours, which should also be applied to the planet." She belongs to the Homeward Bound, an organization that will travel to the Antarctica with 100 women from around the world, with the aim of creating a network against climate change.

The sense of inferiority in bragging about a PhD as part of her identity and the self-entitlement of savior of the world says it all. We all know that she basically asks for money for a fancy trip to the Antarctica and feed her ego. The world is not going to be "saved" by 100 people because of their sexual orientations. The outcome of all this will be thousands of pictures for their social networks, and a few books about the female adventure.

Journalist Cecilia González said that "feminism is actually in constant movement and growth," and she added that "there is an outpost of right-wing groups that are against any type of right. We already saw it in the United States with Donald Trump and also in Brazil where fascism rules." Of course, nothing was said about the lack of women's basic rights in the Muslim world. Since 2009 on Twitter, and not a single mention to the issue.

Yaotzin Botello, from DW Latin America said to Perfil Córdoba that the objectives of the panel is "to position the brand in Argentina. We chose Córdoba because we have a great relationship with the Catholic University and because we want to be present with local television stations in this province. We were in Santiago de Chile last year and we plan to go to other Latin American countries."

"La Deutsche Welle organizó un encuentro en Córdoba sobre empoderamiento femenino e igualdad"

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