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Germany: Eritrean man who killed 8-year old boy may not face murder charges because of "mental illness"

Had Araya pushed an 8-year-old and his mother in front of an incoming ICE at Frankfurt Central Station

Four months after the horror attack in Frankfurt, the investigation of police and prosecutors are apparently completed. The Eritrean Habte Araya (40) is said to have pushed a boy (8) and his mother (40) in front of an entering ICE train. The boy died.

The trial is scheduled to begin early next year at the Frankfurt district court. The public prosecutor's office apparently did NOT charge the man for murder. As VIP News reports, the Frankfurt prosecutor's office classify the action only as manslaughter. This is apparent from the application of the authority of 28 November 2019, which was sent to Frankfurt Regional Court.

The letter states that the alleged perpetrator Habte Araya killed a human being "without being a murderer".

According to FAZ, no charges are made because the suspect is considered to be mentally ill and unable to be sentenced. Instead, the application for a psychiatric ward is requested. A spokeswoman for the prosecutor did not want to confirm that.

Monday, the 29th of July 2019, about 10 o'clock: Out of nowhere Habte Araya (40) pushed a mother and her son (8) in front of an entering ICE train. The two fell into the track bed. The mother only had fractions of a second to react. She rolled onto the narrow area between the tracks 7 and 8. She could no longer grab her son - the eight-year-old was overrun by the express train. He died at the scene of the accident. The mother suffered a shock, collapsed.

Who is Habte Araya?
Habte Araya (40) is a father himself, has three children of his own. He was born in Eritrea, lived in Zurich for 13 years, most recently worked there at the public transport companies - until January 2019. After that, according to Swiss police, he had been on sick leave because of "mental health problems".

Drugs were not found in the post-attack test in Araya's blood. Nevertheless, he is said to have committed the act in a state of "delusion" apparently due to his severe mental illness.

The Swiss Tagesanzeiger reported on a possible paranoia, for which there are clues in Araya's patient file.
  • Araya should have heard voices, suffered from persecution anxiety. Several months ago, his family doctor referred him to a psychiatrist. The native Eritrean is said to have felt persecuted by train passengers and colleagues.
  • In addition, he is said to have testified that strangers could read his mind, that cell phone radiation and electromagnetic waves would influence and control him.
The process, which may begin early in 2020, will now clarify whether Habte Araya has been in a psychiatric institution for a very long time.

Source: Bild
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