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Germany: insects sold as food in supermarket

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Yesterday I went to Kaufland supermarket in Berlin and I came across a green-colored stand. I thought it was just another vegan product, but as I was passing by, I saw the illustrations of worms and grasshoppers and I had to take some pictures to show my family and friends in Argentina the new and absurd finding: insects sold as food.

People I know can't understand me when I tell them that many Europeans suffer from some kind of mental disorder, but this time I think my words didn't sound exaggerated. The unanimous reaction was of surprise and complete rejection.

Promoted as having high vitamin content, unsaturated fatty acids and many proteins, the insects sold by the French company Jimini's appeared for the first time on Kaufland's shelves in January, 2019 although apparently the marketing strategy back then failed to insert the product into the local market.

However, this time I believe that the idea is different. The marketing is based on "climate justice" and since several months, the use of insects in the kitchen and the benefits of eating them have been promoted by several tv shows across Europe. We are facing the apocalyptic consequences of climate change, and as we all know, the world and everything we know will cease to exist in a few years, thanks to our infamous patriarchal, oppressive and racist global warming.

The idea from these imbeciles is that in order to pollute less, we need to stop eating meat in particular. Bugs are the answer.... or human flesh, like a Swedish "scientist" proposed.

There is no more than I can add. The feeble state of mind of these people prevents me from making fun of them. Europeans are slowly losing their rationality in different aspects of life. To think that some will "save the world" by eating bugs... It is simply insane. There's no other way to describe it.

Anyway, while these idiots eat bugs or hobos for breakfast, here I leave you with an image of the one I had in Budapest a few days ago, enjoy the view:

Photos: Shutterstock (top), the rest: PostDiscus.

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