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Religion and the Left

Written by John (the other John).

We often hear that people on the Left (such as Socialists, Democrats, Labour, etc...) do not believe in religion, nor the existence of God nor any Supreme-being, and so they are intolerant of any form of religion. But from my dealing with Leftists for nearly three decades (beginning in University), I can say that that is partially untrue.

Yes, Leftists are outright antagonistic to God and Jesus, but is it really them whom they hate, with the inference being that they hate all religion; or is it something else. But before I address this point, let us discuss what Leftists are tolerant of. Yes, Leftists are tolerant of some forms of “religion” or other forms of beliefs of a higher power. Leftists whom I had met thru unfortunate circumstances (beginning with University, many of which are feminists) have great tolerance for: devil worshipping, satanism, witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, Islam, etc… But isn’t them being tolerant of these form of “religions” prove their inconsistency regarding their animosity to religion? The answer is no!

Basically, it is not religion itself that Leftists hate, rather, it is the morality and ethics taught to us by God and Jesus that they despise. The Ten Commandments are outright dreadful to Leftists. Thou Shall Not Steal; Thou Shall Not Kill; Thou Shall Not Lie; Thou Shall Not Be Envious; Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery; Thou Shall Believe In One God, etc…. This is downright offensive to Leftists. Their whole way of life is to steal, kill, lie, be envious, perversion with multiple creatures, etc… Then comes Jesus: love, charity, forgiveness, equality, etc… What putrid thoughts to Leftists; their motto instead is to lie, cheat, steal, and kill. 1

So it is these other forms of “religious” beliefs that allow Leftists to uncork their inner demons with some philosophical justification, whilst God and Jesus disallow this under threat of eternal damnation. So that is the reason why these other belief systems attract all forms of lowlifes, criminals, scumbags, perverts, and deadbeats, so they can practice and flourish in their illicit trades; whilst it is Jesus who invites these very same people to follow the path of God and to live in eternal salvation.

1 You would guess that Jesus’ message about equality would resonate with Leftists and other anti-capitalists, but we all know that when Leftists allege that that are fighting for “equality”, in reality it is just them acting as instigators and disruptors in their attempted power-grab. You see the extent of equality in the former USSR, China, North Korea, etc… between the elites and the average person; quite the contrary, they are severely unequal, with the only equality being equal misery amongst the average people.

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