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A Tale Of Two Teenagers: Nicholas Sandmann and George Soros

Written by John (the other John).

Nicholas Sandmann is a teenage student at Covington Catholic High School in the US, who went
to Washington DC in January 2019 in support of the March for Life. While there, he and his classmates were terrorized by people who call themselves the Black Israelites (a group who yelled racist and threatening language at the students), and Nathan Phillips (an agitator who lied about serving in the military in Vietnam, and who says he is an American Indian). When Sandmann was confronted by Phillips, Sandmann knew cameras were on him, so he did not move despite Phillips yelling in his face and banging a drum with a wooden stick (which itself could be used as a weapon). (Perhaps this is normal behaviour in DC; I personally do not know).

When cameras captured this incident, the US media immediately concluded that the Black Israelites were “young men preaching the Bible” when confronted by racist white kids wearing MAGA hats. First and foremost, the Bible does not spew racism, so what Bible does the MSM read. Next, the MSM reported that these MAGA kids confronted this Native American War Hero. Fortunately, video footage surfaced that proved the MSM wrong: the Black Israelites were the racists taunting these kids, and Phillips confronted Sandmann (plus, Phillips was never in the military). And despite being proven wrong, the MSM never apologized for their instinctive racism to white people. (Later on, Sandmann sued various MSM outlets, and won a settlement; there are more settlements to come). So basically, a Catholic teen in support of life and who politely stood while being taunted and threatened is to this day vilified by the MSM, academia, and progressive wokesters globally.

Now let us compare Sandmann to another teenager from the 1940s in Budapest, Hungary:
George Soros. Soros was born to a Jewish family in Hungary, in which during WWII under German occupation, he was given paperwork to pretend he was Christian. Although he was spared from the fate of Jews of going to concentration camps, he went on to collaborate with the National Socialists in confiscating the possessions of his fellow Hungarian Jews prior to them being sent to concentration camps to their deaths. As horrific an experience that should have been, he admitted in a televised interview decades later that he had no remourse for his actions nor empathy for the victims, because he said that if he did not do this then someone else would have; hence the victims’ fate was sealed regardless what he did or did not do. (See:
(That is appalling).

But despite Soros’ affiliation with National Socialists and the genocides, decades later when he became a billionaire, he donated money to many liberal causes (which of course pleased/pleases the MSM and Hollywood crowd), hence he gets much positive press. In fact, if anyone were to criticize him for any reason whatsoever, both the MSM and Hollywood would unleash their wrath on the critic by labeling them as anti-semitic (despite Soros being an atheist [not a Jew]).

So basically, here we have Sandmann (a Christian teenager who acted in support of life), and Soros (a then teenager who acted in support of genocide). In a logical and rational world, Sandmann would be the hero and Soros would be the villain; but in the bizarro world that we live in, the MSM, Hollywood, academia, governments, etc.. are lapdogs to the National Socialist atheist murderer because he gives money to their causes, thus they made Soros the hero, and Sandmann the villain.

Photo: Twitter.
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