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"Downplaying the climate catastrophe" should become a crime

Written by Max Roland for Apollo News.

The “ Solar Energy Promotion Association ” (SFV) was founded in Aachen in 1986, originally as a lobby group for the solar industry. With a change in the statutes in 2019, the "fight against the climate catastrophe" came to the fore in the work of the association - of course, completely unselfish. The honorary chairman of the association, Wolf von Fabeck, published a contribution on the association’s website in April last year, which was updated again on January 10th. Under the heading "trivialization of the climate catastrophe endangers human survival - do we have to accept that?" Von Fabeck demands an amendment to the penal code. Those who deny climate change must finally be prosecuted, the author said.

Freedom of expression also has its limits - for example, defamation and insulting could be prosecuted. "The consequences of trivializing climate change are undoubtedly worse and more extensive than the consequences of insulting, slander and defamation (…) If we are also looking for sanctioning against trivializing climate change, the legislature could enforce it in the same way as with the three offenses mentioned." The "climate catastrophe" would kill us all in 10 years, von Fabeck is certain of that.

"In the event of a climate catastrophe, the best knowledge (about this) is provided by the natural sciences, but not by the trivialists. What the trivialists do can be called sabotage. And sabotage of emergency measures should be punished." Right, because if you have a different opinion on the subject of "climate", you are not a mature citizen, but a saboteur, almost a terrorist. And this sabotage must be "resolutely warded off". In Germany, we have "resolutely repelled" people who wanted to sabotage the survival of the people. The rhetoric remains the same for all totalitarians.
Permanent safekeeping?

The author even directly proposes a new legal text, which reads: "Anyone who trivializes or prevents the climate catastrophe in a way that is capable of disrupting the defense against the climate catastrophe under the Paris Climate Agreement and its follow-up agreements or denies, will be fined up to 300 daily rates. In the event of a repeat sentence, the sentence is imprisonment". In other words, anyone who wants to discuss the Paris Agreement constructively can walk behind bars. Yes, whoever jokes about climate savers is in danger of jail. What happens to a bad repeat offender like Dieter Nuhr, who, in the eyes of Mr. von Fabeck, "despises" the salvation of the earth and its paladins, remains open. Permanent safekeeping?

The demand to persecute “climate deniers” is not new. Last year, the psychotherapists‘ journal, the home page of the Bavarian Chamber of Psychotherapists, discussed the extent to which climate deniers are mentally ill. The SFV goes all the way further with the demand for direct criminal prosecution. Climate savior von Fabeck, however, generously explains: "It is not the misguided who should be punished, but the misleaders, the instigators, the authors and disseminators of the fake news". So do not worry, you may already have your opinion - only expressing it is misleading and inciting and can put you in jail if you are not careful. In the Middle Ages, you only came to the stake if you made a heretical statement.

The situation is serious. "In the meantime, the climate has been ruined to such an extent that it is already questionable whether our children or grandchildren can survive the consequences of the climate catastrophe." (I wonder why we still have to open a barrel like this?) "Spreading anyway the old and new climatologists, under the guise of freedom of expression, go unpunished with their misinformation. And decision-makers can rely on this misinformation, which is often disseminated in scientific diction, if they do not make any necessary changes to the legal framework."
Von Fabeck believes that a defensive democracy should not tolerate this. Germans, fight back! And finally put the climate deniers under lock and key. Because anyone who dares to critically examine the "clear knowledge of science" (which of course fits a "former" solar lobby group excellently into the concept) will not only harm the German people’s body, but all the people’s bodies in the world.

Max Roland, 20, is a student from Bremen and deputy editor-in-chief of the youth blog Apollo-News.

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