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Goethe University: Discussion about headscarf ends in a fight

FRANKFURT / MAIN. Protests and violent behavior occurred during a panel discussion on the subject of headscarf at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Members of the group "Studis against right-wing hate" disrupted the event on Thursday evening with the title "The Veil: Fashion Accessory, a Religious Symbol or Political Instrument" in the university's student house with posters and loud interjections, reports the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The speakers included the cultural scientist Naïla Chikhi and the former school principal in Frankfurt-Griesheim, Ingrid König. A discussion was not possible. The protest group held up banners and posters with inscriptions such as “NSU” (that is, "National Socialist University") and “Doner Killings”. The flyers said: "The problem is racism, not a headscarf". The composition of the podium shows that the headscarf debate is behind the women concerned.

Headscarf is a symbol of "servitude of women"
When the men and women did not leave the room despite repeated requests, there were violent acts, the reporter writes. "Fists fly, a table is knocked over." Only Chikhi remained calm on the podium and tried to talk to the critics. The headscarf is "the flag of Islam", a symbol of "women 's servitude" and it cannot be forbidden to express its point of view, she said. "I will go on all my life."

The "Studis against right-wing hate" described the incidents differently on their Facebook page. In her opinion, the podium was "strikingly one-sided". That is why they decided to use a “performance” to draw attention to the “danger and function of the so-called 'headscarf debate'”.

During the protest, an uninvolved Muslim woman was attacked. "While she was filming the protest, a man attacked her violently." Thereupon two other visitors rushed to her aid, who were then also attacked. In addition, other visitors have torn down signs and banners.

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