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Egypt: woman sexually assaulted by mob for not dressing properly

Egypt is still considered a holiday paradise, and schizoid left-wing elites still applaud the "Arabellion" in 2011 as a liberation of the youth. Facts differ from that optimism. Anyone who considers that any change there meant an improvement for equality rights, should try to explain the latest recorded incident in Mansoura. There, a woman was attacked by dozens of men during the New Year celebrations. One of many attacks that have been part of everyday life in Egypt for years. Caused by a religion whose critics are insulted as racists.

"Dramatic scenes went viral on social media at the beginning of the year. The recordings show a young woman who was attacked by dozens of men in Egypt during the New Year celebrations," wrote tag24 and showed a video with a dramatic Taharrush scene. On the footage circulating on social networks, an unveiled, pretty, modern Egyptian woman can be seen, who, after leaving a shopping center, is surrounded by a raging sex mob who tears open her coat and grabs her.

Tag24 continued: "It was only with the help of her alleged companions that the young woman managed to save herself in a car." As you can easily see, this gauntlet running through the Islamist mob becomes a real nightmare for women. One of the attackers even climbed onto the car roof. Others threatened the victim with sticks.

According to a report on the news site "Albawaba", the police have announced after examining the footage to identify the perpetrators. It is rather unlikely that they will face a real punishment in the country ruled by the Sharia.

Surveys in Egypt have shown that many men and also women support the punishment of women by sex mob attacks if they do not dress according to the rules of practiced Islam. The mendacious double standards and sexual oppression of women were already prepared in the 1990s by the Muslim Brothers, who were also active in Germany, and gradually replaced the emancipation efforts that still prevailed under Nasser, Sadat and the tyrant Mubarak until they eventually were almost completely abolished during the Arabellion.

"Taharrush" imported by fundamentalist immigrants
In the wake of the Islamist land grabbing by the waves of refugees, the Taharrush phenomenon has meanwhile also reached the center of Europe, especially Germany. A kind of test run with incredulous test persons already took place in Cologne in 2016. At that time, Die Welt wrote "The phenomenon 'taharrush gamea' has arrived in Germany". The newspaper also wrote ten days after the mass attacks near the Cologne cathedral: "The BKA [Federal Criminal Police] is planning new measures against mass organized sexual harassment of women. The phenomenon has long been a problem in Arab countries and is known as 'taharrush gamea'. "

Still unknown or better ignored is the fact that a large number of Muslim immigrants in Europe want to live under the laws of their countries of origin, i.e. the Sharia, and this includes the punishment of women who do not dress according to the laws of Islam. The video from Egypt is a little foretaste of a Germany that is already home to more people from Muslim countries of origin than Lebanon.

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