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“But I don’t know a thing in this whole wide world that’s worse than being alone” - Elvis Presley

Written by John (the other John).

The above quote is from a song named “Where No One Stands Alone” by Elvis Presley. Besides being an amazing song by The King, it also is very relevant in today’s political warfare. The main message in this song by Elvis is the lowest feeling a person can have is feeling alone. On the surface, it may sound ridiculous for Elvis to be relaying this message considering he (on the surface) had everything a man can possibly dream of:

+ money
+ women
+ fame
+ all the luxuries of life
+ is adored by billions of people
+ etc...

So Elvis apparently was the least credible person to be singing a song about loneliness; right? Or perhaps, he really was lonely, because all the money/women/fame/luxuries that he possessed was fake, and what he really was missing was love and companionship. And because of this, and because he needed to live a secluded life for his own safety, he was thus always alone. So if a man like Elvis said that being alone is such a horrible feeling that it led to deep depression, then we can find it credible that being alone is the worst feeling in the world.

Now how is this relevant to this political forum? Basically, the Left is aware that we humans are social beings who need fellow human contact, and that being alone and living in isolation can drive a person mad. With this knowledge, the Left (who masters the art of mental warfare) knows how to ostracize its adversaries from general society by accusing people of some horrible things (such as “racist”, “Nazi”, “bigot”, “xenophobe”, etc…), and once this accusation is out there, other members of society do not want to be associated with somebody accused of such terrible things. Thus, a person who is the target of this mental warfare can lose friends, their job, their customer base for their business, etc… So that person will lose social contact with others, and that person will be alone. Hence, out of fear of loneliness, many of us practice self-censorship and act like robots to whatever is the latest political fad of the day.

Freedom of speech? Only if it is approved!

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