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German newspaper attacks illustrator for being an AfD supporter

Das Comic-Kindl der MVGThe Süddeutsche Zeitung is already used to unsavory "postural" hypocrisy. If there were still shame boundaries, these were broken down with the campaign against the illustrator of the advertising character of the public transport operator Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG).

"This illustrator, who has a name in the German comic scene, not only has major clients such as BMW, ADAC or Lidl, he also worked for Björn Höcke. For the Thuringian AfD boss, who is on the far right of his party, the illustrator of the MVG illustrated a comic that the AfD used in the Thuringian state election campaign last autumn. You can still find him on Höcke's Facebook page."

MVG has a “problem”, says the article, a problem that didn't exist, but was created by the newspaper itself.

"The MVG should now face some political, legal and ethical questions.
MVG is a subsidiary of Stadtwerke, which in turn is owned by the city of Munich. For this company, someone draws the Munich Kindl, the symbol of the city par excellence, who supports Björn Höcke. How does that fit together? "I don't know what would be wrong with it," says the artist about his work for Höcke and the AfD. It was a normal drawing job, with which he made money. He received the text from the AfD and contributed the pictures. The AfD Thuringia confirms this. He deliberately did not sign the comic because he did not want to be associated with it. He fears he will be the target of hostilities or even attacks from the left scene. It is no secret in the comic scene who illustrated the Höcke comic. The SZ does not mention the name because the artist is not in public as a person."

The inquisition continues
 "The MVG should now ask itself a few questions, of a political, legal and ethical nature. Do you want to continue to have the Munich Kindl drawn by a man who sympathizes with the views of Björn Höcke? Conversely: Should and may he be denied future orders, even though the AfD is not prohibited, is represented in the Bundestag and all state parliaments?"

"Rainer Schneider also thinks about these limits. He is co-director of the Munich Comic Festival and has known the illustrator of the Munich Kindl for decades: "He has made a name for the comic scene." When he, Schneider, heard rumors about the illustrator's political commitment years ago, he didn't want to believe it. He found the support of AfD and Höcke "very terrible". Therefore, he was glad that the draftsman had withdrawn from the festival, which he had directed many years ago. And what should the MVG do now? It is a "difficult question", says Schneider. Perhaps the best thing is to leave everything as it is, after all, the man is a good draftsman. Otherwise he would be given the opportunity to stage himself as a martyr. In addition, Schneider says: Excluding someone because he has a certain political opinion would not be a solution either."

Ideological persecution at its best in Germany.

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