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Malpractice of the World Health Organization: Failure to Prevent the Spreading of Life-Threatening Dangers

Written by John (the other John).

One of the significant functions of the World Health Organization (WHO) is to prevent the spreading of life-threatening dangers to other locations. In recent times, the news has reported that a certain hazard is spreading globally, in due part to the ease of global travel by airplanes, boats, trains, cars, and walking. With this ease of travel, people infected with this harmful illness have the available transport systems to spread this infectious disease to unsuspecting vulnerable people. Despite the WHO having this knowledge, they have made zero effort to warn people of the threat of such exposure to this illness, despite indisputable historical data proving the instability that this illness brings upon families/cities/towns, nations. Some people have raised the alarm of this emergency, but those who have done so have been condemned due to the unpopularity amongst the powerful minority who encourage the spreading of this disease. If we were to apply logic and reason in preventing the spread of this illness, the WHO would encourage global cooperation in containing and quarantining those infected with this illness, and then send the proper personnel to help cure those infected with this illness; but this is not occurring.

Our nations today are in crisis, bringing insecurity into our daily lives, yet this is ignored by the powerful.What benefit this is to them is beyond my knowledge (other than profiting off of the taxpayers). This risk is not a mere fiction, nor a possibility, nor a probability; instead, it is fact, and it is a real and present danger.

This illness that we are talking about that is spreading like wildfire is not a medical illness, but instead it is a mental illness. It is an ideology of theft, of murder, of rape, of slavery, of supremacy of others whose belief system differs. This illness comes in different names, and at varying times in history it has been repackaged by different people. So whether we examine the version concocted in the Arabian desert, or the version concocted by a German inside a British library, or the version concocted by an Austrian inside of a British prison cell, regardless which version, those possessing this mental illness must be removed from our cities/nations, and then have them be quarantined in isolation (like a leper colony).
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