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Germany: Public broadcasters ARD and ZDF are indoctrination platforms of a left-green worldview

Armin Laschet receives support from the same party in his criticism of public law. In a guest article for the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, member of the German Parliament of the CDU Michael von Abercron wrote about ARD and ZDF: “Not only the news programs, but also the political magazines and talk shows are degenerating more and more into uniform indoctrination platforms that are characterized by a left-green worldview. In the political direction there is "only one direction with a kind of left-wing feel-good communication".
Above: In a guest post in the newspapers of the A. Beig publishing house, I commented critically on the state of our public service broadcasters. One thing is clear: we need reform if our society is not to break up!

The satire broadcasts "heute-show" and "extra 3" as well as the clip of the WDR "My grandma is an old environmental pig" would only come in satirical packaging, but could hardly be distinguished from the election messages of the like-minded people.
Above: With many members of the Bundestag, resentment about the political imbalance of public service broadcasters is growing.
CDU-MdB @mvabercron has now intensified the criticism. ARD and ZDF are "indoctrination platforms left-green worldview"

Public service broadcasting would therefore rightly be in the crossfire of criticism: “It cannot be that the public broadcasters are constantly expanding their offerings and, on the other hand, are demanding more and more money. Ultimately, this leads to even higher broadcasting fees, the usefulness of which means that there is increasing doubt.

Source: Tichys Einblick
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