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If Classic Disney Cartoons Offend You, then You are Severely Mentally F-cked Up

Written by John (the other John).

As a young child many years ago, I occasionally watched Disney cartoon films as a source of entertainment. The movies were cute, fun, and innocent. So when a parent allowed a child to watch a Disney cartoon, the parent was certain that these films were made for children and that there would be no inappropriate content. This occurred when I was a child, when the world to me was “great”.

Turn the clock ahead to the Obama-era, when fruits, nuts, and flakes had become emboldened to exit their bunkers and take control of what Satan had entitled them to have: control of our minds, thoughts, and speech. And to accomplish that, this requires destroying anything and everything that we sane people have made part of our lives: God, country, family, free-speech, free-thought; and way down the list includes entertainment. So the latest victim: Disney.

Disney today has been transformed (perhaps involuntarily) as a champion of the loons for mind control, by means of brainwashing our kids to do as they say. For instance, if you watch any modern children’s Disney TV show or modern film, the usual themes include: 1) some kid is gay, 2) interracial dating, 3) the white kid is bad while the non-white kid is good, 4) the white kid is a nerd while the non-white kid is cool (hence the girls dislike the white kid and prefer the non-white kid, etc…). So if a modern Disney TV show or film happened to be a true reflection of society, then straight white kids are either bad kids or nerds, and that girls prefer non-white kids (hence with natural evolution and “my body my choice”, if straight white boys can’t get girls, then whites become extinct. But that must be an oversight; I cannot imagine that a Leftist entertainment company would ever espouse the extinction of people susceptible to sunburn).

But in addition to brainwashing our kids with modern entertainment, they are now also brainwashing our kids with the classic Disney cartoons. Disney as a brand has succumbed to the lunatics by now giving a warning that the classic cartoons are (God forbid) “racist”! Yes, “racist”; I never heard the Left make that accusation before. Yes, the films Dumbo the Elephant, Peter Pan, the Jungle Book, the Lion King, Pocahontas are in fact “racist”.1 These films when presented today give a warning that they “may contain outdated cultural depictions.” Huh? These are cartoons; elephants do not fly, boys in tights do not fly, monkeys do not talk, lions do not talk, and non-white girls can (God forbid) like a white-guy. (Of note, the loons who forced this issue upon Disney evidently have no problem with drug use in Disney cartoon films: Pinocchio smoking a joint2 , and Alice in Wonderland on a mushroom high. The reason that drug usage is tolerated [and encouraged] by the loons is to dumb-down society into accepting the Socialist policies).

Disney says that it has only begun to take responsibility for the problematic representations, but more will follow. This is a passive way of acknowledging society’s cultural dialogue about racism and diversity. Seriously? Why does Disney not take responsibility for dumbing people down to the whims of the lowest element of society (Socialists) who try to inflict mind-control over our thoughts. You made the movies, yet you say “society” is racist.1 You are wrong on both counts; 1) it is the Socialists (not society) that is full of hate, and 2) these classic cartoons are perfectly fine. So if you have a problem with these classic cartoons, then it is you who is f-cked up mentally.

And to top it all off, Walt Disney, who co-founded the Walt Disney Co. with his brother Roy O. Disney, are now called a racists and misogynists. That is what I call “thanks”.

1 The crows in “Dumbo” portray stereotypes of African Americans (ex., one of the birds was named “Jim Crow”). In Peter Pan, the native Indians are portrayed as buffoons and killers. In “The Jungle Book,” the monkeys allegedly portray black people as foolish and criminal. The hyenas in the “The Lion King” portray minorities as leaches who enter a wealthy nation and live off the labours of hardworking and prosperous lions. In Pocahontas, an Indian girl likes a nice white-guy.

2 See:

3 No different than when it was Democrats who enforced Slave Laws, the Fugitive Slave Laws, Jim Crow Laws, and the Klan, but today they shift blame to the entirety of white society (instead of accepting responsibility for their own actions).

Picture: illustration from "Disasterland" an art show by Mexican artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros, 2012.

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