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Influence of a documentary: Norway stopped gender research - temporarily

In 2010 there was a 38-minute television report on Norwegian television by the well-known comedian and sociologist Harald Eia on the value and credibility of gender research. Eia had started a small revolution in Norway.

You can watch the film here, with English subtitles:

In his film, Harald Eia confronted convinced Norwegian gender researchers with statements by renowned US and British medical doctors, including top psychiatric experts and evolution researchers. Among other things, these had found and documented:

  • The more equal a social system is, the more genetic influences prevail.
  • Newborns already differed on the first day after their birth in how and which pictures (faces or technical devices) they fix visually.
  • At the latest in the ninth month of life, they clearly prefer “male” or “female” toys depending on their gender.
  • Cultural influences play a role, but they cannot dominate biological influences; man cannot emancipate himself from biology.
Harald Eia presented the interviews he had conducted in the USA and Great Britain to his Norwegian interview partners from gender research. Their reaction was simply helpless.

As a result, the then Nordic Gender Institute (NIKK) had to cease its work at the end of 2011 after the Nordic Council of Ministers decided to cut funding for the institute. However, a year later a new institution was launched to coordinate gender activities in the Nordic countries, which operates under a different name (Nordic Information on Gender) but under the same acronym NIKK. The resources have been redistributed - or otherwise hidden (?).

In May 2018, the consequences of Norwegian film even reached the German Bundestag. His scientific service developed expertise on this. It chronologically - and strives to balance - shows what has happened in Norway since then.

In Germany, of course, drilling and diligent "change" continues. Under the guise of science! The overview of the number of professorships for “gender” has now been lost. Until recently there were 230. In the meantime, well hidden, numerous professorships have been added that are not explicitly or not exclusively geared towards gender, but are in part “domination” for gender research . There are even 62 courses for this. This is almost the number of 79 pharmacy courses. But pharmacy is chemistry and therefore science.

What can the job market do with all the bachelor degrees or masters in gender studies? Of course, all public institutions "still" need equality officers, as do NGOs and the churches. And so gender linguistic correct swarming of "baking crafts", "pedestrian bridge", "researchers (sic!) And researchers", "guests", members ". Cabaret artists no longer have to come up with their own texts, they just read the titles of bachelor / master / doctoral theses and the guiding principles of gender "domination". They are sure to laugh.

How well does Germany have to spend three-digit millions? Another decadence phenomenon!

It is still worth watching the Norwegian film. It is both factual and funny. And it shows what is probably the most effective weapon against gender madness: demonstrate it and make it ridiculous. The problem, however, is that genderists don't have a grain of humor or even self-irony.

Tichys Einblick

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