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Left-wing extremist group declares war to Germany

Germany's left-wing extremists have declared war on the country. The Schwarzen Scharen ("Black Crowds") published a letter on the well-known far-left platform Indymedia, "against Nazi Germany, which has never ceased to exist". Firearms, live ammunition and explosives are to be used.

Left-wing extremism is, as the old party politicians in this country repeatedly try to appease, an alleged puffed-up problem. They shovel tax money lavishly into the coffers of those groups, associations, institutions and organizations. They let themselves be used by the left-wing extremists for their purposes and run completely mindlessly alongside terrorists behind defamatory, insulting posters. They support these chaots not least because their own family members belong to this group of people who are prepared to violence and who affirm violence.

People who look at events in the country with open eyes have long since recognized that left-wing extremism is far more than just an exaggerated problem. The left-wing extremists have now made it particularly easy for the particularly persistent deniers of reality and blind people among the old party representatives: they declared war on Germany on their media platform; with firearms, live ammunition and explosives, the "Black Crowds" wants to become the "tool of anti-fascist resistance".

We are not left-wingers, we are not right-wingers, we are not from the center, we are the black crowds, highly intelligent, armed, organized free spirits who hereby announce what is now necessary.
Leftists demonstrate against Nazis, but demonstrating is a waste of time and effort.

Nazis cannot be combated or even convinced by counter-arguments, science, facts, etc.
Only violence is the key, because crushing fascism means striking, ideally so that the brown parasite never stirs again afterwards.

Militarism then becomes a tool of anti-fascist resistance as soon as the (if only representative) democratic system threatens to overturn, because if it has already been overturned, it is almost pointless to defend itself and, as before, only flight or death remains,
The masses are already falling to the neo-Nazis, as was the case less than a hundred years ago, the patterns are shockingly identical, an evolutionary development seems to have taken place in very few brains!

The state institutions are contaminated by the brown scum, whether in the police and the armed forces, in the state parliaments and the Bundestag, whether in administration or law, whether within the secret services or the bodies of corporations, religious associations, schools and universities.
German fascism has long been everyday again!
There will be no day X, day X is already here!

The fascists do not seize power from one day to the next, it happens slowly, slowly it eats its way through the body like cancer and only to act when the growths are everywhere is too late, the consequences are great suffering, pain and Death!

This is a call to violence, to violence against Nazi Germany, which has never ceased to exist!
Arm yourself, no not with twins and Molotov cocktails, but with firearms, live ammunition and explosives, because we are facing a war, yes it has already started!

Do not expect resistance against the Nazi terror from the so-called civilian population, because it will not come, it will be as it was then, because fascism is always the same.

This war means loss, possibly loss of loved ones or even of your own well-being or life ...
Organize yourself, sibling, because there will be no organizations to protect you and there will be no one outside of the crowd who will sibling with you!

This is supposed to be the rebirth of the black crowds, the renaissance of real anti-fascism, the great rebellion against the greatest of all human errors!

Screenshot YouTube.

The fact that this group from the violent spectrum of left-wing extremists is now giving itself a name, the initials of which represent the notorious double-S of an equally black crowds, may well be understood as a targeted provocation by the senders.

Indymedia's warning of fake news
After the row generated on social media, Indymedia published another article trying to rule out the veracity of the anonymous letter because they know their encouragement to violence and deadly attacks could put them at risk, so the need to find a perfect excuse did't take long to arrive, and they said that there are elements that seemed to show a right-wing authorship. But they added that "unfortunately, a low probability of young, thoughtless comrades that cannot be ruled out. A warning must be given in any case."

They added: "Publishing something like this is irresponsible in several ways: it can serve as a template for the right-wing press, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the extreme right-wing agitation of the AfD and it can be used by other inexperienced comrades involved in actions that put them and many others in unnecessary danger.
The mere fact that the text appears to be exulted by rights should give you strong content to think about. So: less testosterone and more intelligence in the form of reflections!"

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