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Trump did everything right

Written by Markus Somm for Die Achse des Guten.

After the Americans killed General Qasem Soleimani, one of Iran’s highest military, and his terrorist aides in Baghdad, the Third World War was declared here and there. In America in particular, where most of the media are now reporting as objectively as the Vatican press spokesman at the time about Martin Luther, there was an interesting mixture of lust for war and apocalypse.

But European journalists also warned very much: exclamation marks, dark adjectives, serious question marks furrowed their texts like worried lines on their faces. It was the hour of the war experts when people were talking about war that the recruit school had already seen as an unnecessary massacre. Fear and satisfaction at the same time: Hadn’t Donald Trump, the unloved President of the United States, finally made the crucial mistake that would fulfill all the prophecies that this crude man would end up ruining the world?

A few days later, Iran struck back, a few old rockets made wind in Iraq, little was destroyed, no one was killed, neither an American nor an Iraqi, provided the information we received is correct. The Third World War did not take place. The Iranians shrank from the escalation that they had recently threatened pathetically. Why? Because they were afraid.

Pity the mullahs
If only an American had died, they now knew exactly that Trump would reward them a thousand times over. The man seemed capable of anything. Maybe he would sink their entire (weak) navy? Bomb the secret nuclear research sites? Blow up the regime? When it comes to war, Iran is inferior to the United States in a way that one could almost feel sorry for, if it wasn’t one of the most brutal dictatorships today. In Iran, according to Amnesty International, homosexuals are publicly hanged, adulterers can be stoned, thieves are chopped off, tortured and flogged. Anyone who demonstrates against the regime will be shot.

After the ineffective fireworks of the Iranians, which they had probably only lit so that they did not completely embarrass themselves in front of their own audience and the international press, Trump was able to show himself generous. He said he would refrain from any further military response, he said, and still tightened the economic sanctions that had already brought Iran to the brink of bankruptcy. At the same time, he invited the Iranians to negotiate on their illegal nuclear program. He didn’t have to do more. He had proven that deterrence, that age-old war prevention strategy, is still good. In other words, Trump did everything right.

A virtuoso of evil
Certainly, nothing was solved with this very professionally executed killing. The Middle East remains a powder keg, Iran an arsonist, which has upset almost all of its neighbors because it threatens them. Iran has terrorist groups in Lebanon and Iraq, it is fueling the civil war in Yemen, it is keeping the criminal regime in Syria in power, it is destabilizing the region wherever it can. It goes so far that Saudi Arabia and Egypt have in fact become allies of Israel. Most Arab countries consider the terrorist adventures of Iranians and their plans to build an atomic bomb that they have never given up to be so dangerous.

It is wrong to believe that the Iranian regime has something to do with the great past of the Persians. It is a tragedy that such a capable people must endure such an incompetent, bloody, unjust rule. After all, with Soleimani this regime has lost one of its best and most effective military personnel, a man who, according to my Israeli friend, was "unfortunately" a "brilliant" general, a virtuoso of evil, a master of death, who has hundreds of people killed in his conscience: For decades, both Americans and Israelis had kept him on the hit list, none of them did it, or none of them dared to. Until Trump gave the order.

If you want peace, prepare for war, the Romans once said, and they are still right. The Iranian theocrats are playing with war as long as they believe they can achieve their goals. It was time to teach them better. The Third World War does not take place when such regimes have to fear losing it.

Die Achse des Guten

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