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Nobody is Above the Law

Written by John (the other John).

As a starting point, the political narrative is controlled by the Left (whether politicians, the media, big tech, academia, Judiciaries, ngo’s, the deep State, etc…). (A real shocker here). That being said, in the era of Trump, we have the Democrats (and other Leftist Parties globally) pontificating to us plebs that “nobody is above the law, not even the President”. The implication is that the law does not exempt any person from non-compliance of the laws, irrespective of status in society (not even the President). But is this true? And are the Democrats (and other Leftists) consistent on this message?

Let us begin this “devil’s advocate” argument to the Democrats’ position. First, we can talk of fakefugees and other benefit-shoppers. It appears that the illegality of unlawful entry into Western nations is overlooked (and encouraged/financed by the Leftists). Also, many cities in the US affirmatively “stonewall” the feds from arresting and deporting illegals in the US. Also, many States allow illegals to obtain drivers licenses without proper documentation (as is required for citizens). Also, many cities do not arrest nor prosecute illegals for petty crimes (ex, shoplifting, drugs, etc...) because they do not want the illegals to have a criminal record so to prevent deportation (unlike for citizens who would get arrested and imprisoned for a similar offense). Next, when it comes to mass murder (whether foreign gangs or Koran-inspired terrorism), it is labeled as “mental illness”, for which a similar crime by person susceptible to sunburn would be labelled a “white supremacist” (and a “climate change denier”). Germany and Sweden are much worse; we can begin with the mass sexual assault of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, which was concealed by the police and the media. To give all of the examples for these two nations would be more voluminous than a Tolstoy novel.

Second, we can talk about deadbeats (both illegals and citizens alike). Many cities are decriminalizing petty crimes (such as shoplifting, non-payment of metro/subway fares, loitering, urinating in public, etc…), just to appease the “socialist just us” crowd. But if I were to commit the same act while wearing a business suit, I somehow suspect that the law would miraculously apply to me.

So to revert back to the initial question, is it true that “nobody is above the law”? The answer is “no” it is not true, because certain preferred groups of people are in fact above the law. And for the next question whether Leftists are hypocrites, the answer is “yes”, because the current political zeitgeist is that deadbeats are above the law. So perhaps this is not the “era of Trump”, but instead it is the “era of deadbeats”.

And if you have a problem with this, then you are a “racist”!!!!

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