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Nothing is impossible in Germany: man found with 42 identities

Bad Bentheim - New record in the country of multiple criminal personalities: On 16 January, an offender caught by the federal police in Bad Bentheim, who had been on the search for 9 years, was registered with 42 different identities at German authorities.

The 71-year-old, who had come from the Netherlands, had practiced professional "identity management" for many years and, with various fake passports, presented himself as a different person to various offices nationwide. An arrest warrant had been issued against him since 2011, among other things for fraud and other crimes, as reported by the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.

The fact that something like this was possible is due to the sloppiness and still inadequate coordination of the services among each other, especially in the cross-country data comparison; on the other hand also on data protection guidelines, which make the actually prescribed central recording through inadequate storage of biometric characteristics a farce.

Above all, illegal immigrants and economic migrants who rip off the welfare state practice the mesh of double and multiple identities. The case of the identity trickster with the 42 alias names shows them all again that the impossible is possible in Germany.

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