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Undermining Masculinity

Written by John (the other John).

In the latter half of the 20 th century, there began an internal movement to destroy Western Civilization. To accomplish this goal, these evil forces had to deconstruct who we are, so their targets were to undermine: God, family, and country. They succeeded! Today, God has been removed from the public sphere (other than as an insult), the traditional family is now a misogynistic concept for Neanderthals, and countries are now borderless (hence, no countries). So the last target to truly destroy us as a Civilization is to undermine masculinity.

As men, the main duties we have are to our families, which are to financially provide for them and to protect them from harm. But for the last couple of decades, both of these functions of our masculinity have incrementally been undermined, displaced, and now replaced by both big-State actions and the entertainment industry. In essence, political forces in support of big government have compelled us under threat of incarceration to financially provide for the actions of irresponsible people, whether it is for people who have kids out of wedlock, or for any other deadbeat who feels that they have a “human right” to get free stuff. Because we are forced to provide for everyone else, this then limits our own ability to provide for our own families (which is quite emasculating).

In addition to the above financial obligations to our families, we men also want to protect our own kids from the dangers of society, but our schools are subjected to mass immigration and/or to single-parent kids (for which both statistically commit higher levels of crime); so even in our own schools and neighborhoods, we are prevented from protecting our own kids. And when we publicly complain of this, then we are shutdown (cancelled out) by being labeled as “racist”. And to top it off, our own police forces are committing mutiny against us for (God forbid) demanding that our kids be safe. (For example, Pakistani grooming gangs in the UK raped young girls for decades, and despite pleas from parents to the police to investigate to end this crime, the police feared being labeled “racist” so they allowed the rape to continue whilst they arrested the Brit parents for disturbing the peace. Another example is that of Tommy Robinson, who was imprisoned for demanding that our kids be protected from rapists).

This assault on masculinity is also under attack in the entertainment industry, in which television and film both portray the father as some bumbling foolish buffoon whilst the wife and kids are far more intelligent than him.

There are many powerful forces undermining masculinity in the West. In the past, they were unseen; but some brave predecessors of ours essentially poured talcum powder over this invisible force which allowed us to make out the shape of our enemy, resulting in removing this shroud of secrecy and revealing to us who the enemy truly is. Now that we know this, men now are realizing the cause of why we feel rejected and useless, that this problem is real, and we can acknowledge that this has affected us for years. Once this is established, we no longer need to be on the defensive and instead be on the offensive regarding who we are in society and who we are to our families, and in fighting our enemies.

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