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Vienna: Left-wing extremists prevent lectures and injure students

VIENNA. Left-wing extremists prevented historian Lothar Höbelt's lecture in Vienna and attacked students. According to their own statements, around 200 members and supporters of Antifa and other radical left groups gathered in front of the lecture hall and blocked it. They posted photos of the blockade on social media.

Above: "Approximately 200 anti-fascists are currently participating in the protest against the right-wing professor # Höbelt and right-wing extremists at the University of Vienna. Both entrances to the lecture hall are blocked, the fascists continue to call for participation. Alerta!"

Students who wanted to take part in the course were thrown with eggs. One of the students was injuered in the head. A demonstrator spat on the representative of the FPÖ-affiliated Ring of Freedom Students (RFS), and then other left-wing extremists attacked him from behind with punches and kicks. The RFS member was able to get to safety. At the time, no police officers were said to have been on site.

The RFS Vienna described the new prevention of the lecture and the violent riots as an incomprehensible situation. “Today's attacks are just the tip of the iceberg. We finally expect consequences from the University of Vienna and hope that the perpetrators will be held accountable.”

Incidents are reminiscent of riots at Hamburg University
The disturbances and protests against Höbelt have been going on since November. The background is a lecture by the historian, who also writes for Junge Freiheit, during an event by the Freedom Academic Association of Styria. According to Kurier, around 30 members of the Identitarian Movement were also present to support Höbelt. Accordingly, they were encircled by police officers arriving later. Höbelt was not at the lecture hall during the walk.

The riots at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences are reminiscent of incidents at the University of Hamburg. There, left-wing extremists had repeatedly prevented AfD founder Bernd Lucke's lecture from taking place last year. Lucke was only able to hold his course under the protection of a police group.

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