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Because of climate change: Professor calls for human extinction

CAMBRIDGE. A philosophy professor at the University of Cambridge in the UK has called for human extinction in the fight against climate change. To achieve this, people should gradually forego reproduction, wrote Patricia MacCormack in her book "The Ahuman Manifesto", which the news portal CambridgeshireLive celebrates as "a positive outlook on the future of the earth without people".

Even radical movements like Extinction Rebellion don't go far enough for MacCormack. These would only focus on the effect that climate change has on mankind, "since climate change is something that affects every living thing on the planet".

Birth strikes in the UK and Canada
It takes "radical compassion" to overcome the "hierarchical world" where "white, heterosexual and non-disabled men are successful and people of different ethnicities, genders and those with disabilities fight" to do their part. These white men are also responsible for capitalism, which has driven people into a "zombie" that is destroying the earth.

A group of British women had announced last year that they would go on childbirth strike because of climate change . "Our planet is currently collapsing," Blythe Pepino spokeswoman for the BirthStrike group told the BBC. That's why she decided not to give birth to a child.

The actress and singer Miley Cyrus had also recently stressed that she would not give birth to children due to climate change. "If Mother Earth is angry, stop fucking her," said Cyrus. In Canada, nearly 5,400 women have committed a childbirth strike under the motto "No future, no children" until they can be certain "that the government will provide a secure future for them."

Sterilization for saving the world
The American author and columnist Wes Silver announced last fall that he had undergone sterilization. He gave the reason for climate change. His wife and he had been talking about what they could do to prevent a future "that could be worse than anything we fear now". Both had come to the conclusion: "We could just give up the whole thing with children."

In Germany, feminist Verena Brunschweiger campaigns for children to be avoided . “It's nothing less than saving the world, to which everyone should contribute. After all, we are on the brink of ecological collapse, ”she explained.

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