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Giving Your Lunch Money to the School Bully: Does it Work in Befriending the Bully?

Written by John (the other John).

I remember when I was a young lad in school, a bully used to steal some kid’s lunch money daily.
The victim was too scared to stand up for himself, so he gave the money without a fight. But the victim later had an idea, what if he voluntarily gave the bully more money than the bully demanded, perhaps then the bully would befriend the kid.

When this first happened, the bully was surprised, so he took the money and was nice to the kid. But when the money ran out, the bully bullied the kid again. The kid in response then gave the bully even more money, which surprised the bully to the point of befriending him again. But when the money ran out, the bully once again bullied the kid demanding even more money. The victim kid could not believe why the bully took the money and temporarily befriended him, but when the money ran out he once again bullied the kid.

This was painful to watch, not just for what occurred, but more so for how predictable this all was. The poor kid was punked into giving him money under the false pretenses of friendship, but this never materialized; instead, the bully continued to hate the kid, and the bullying for more money just continued and intensified.

Now let us take this lesson and apply it to the societal level when the victim taxpayers are being bullied into giving taxpayer money for welfare payments so to not have the recipients hate us. When they receive the welfare check/benefits, there is a temporary reprieve from them hating us, but when the welfare money runs out quickly, they then hate us once again and demand even more free money.

You see the trend here. Which begs the question: if they will hate us no matter what we do, then why do we pay them anything? Being that they will hate us regardless of what we give them, let us just end the payments to them in its entirety, and instead spend our own money on ourselves and our families.
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