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Husband 'decapitated wife and walked down street carrying severed head'

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT — The man, identified as 30-year-old Akhilesh Rawat, was arrested carrying the head of his wife, Rajani, 26, in the shocking attack in the village of Bahadurpur, Uttar Pradesh, northern India.
A husband has been arrested after allegedly decapitating his wife and walking down the street for more than a mile carrying her severed head.

Akhilesh Rawat, 30, was caught by police near the village of Kadirpur in Uttar Pradesh, India,
carrying the head of 26-year-old Rajani.

He was spotted on Saturday morning and arrested near Jahgirabad police station.

Police superintendent Arvind Chaturvedi said the accused had been arrested and a case of dowry death filed against him on the complaint of the victim's father.

It is believed that the couple had married around two years ago.

 Police in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, say they have recovered a weapon from the man's house

Last year, Rajani gave birth to the couple's first child, a girl, but she tragically died a few days later due to illness, said a police official.

"The victim was living at her parent's house after her daughter's death and Akhilesh managed to bring her home four days ago," the superintendent added.

On Saturday morning, the couple reportedly had a row which turned violent, during which Akhilesh allegedly attacked his wife with a sharp-edged weapon.

Police said: "On Saturday afternoon, the man had a fight with his wife. He dragged her out of his house and beheaded her.

"Then, he began walking towards the police station with his wife's severed head."

When police arrested the man, he bizarrely started singing the Indian national anthem, as well as other patriotic chants.

 There have been many protests in India in recent weeks against the high levels of violence against women and girls

"We have recovered the weapon from the accused's home," police said.

Munish Kumar, who lived nearby, told the Hindustan Times: "Akhilesh walked for more than one kilometre and was arrested near Kadirpur village when he was on his way to the police station."

The victim's brother, Jagdish Rawat, has spoken out after her shocking death, accusing Akhilesh of having a hand in the death of the couple's newborn daughter.

"I doubt that Rajani's daughter died a natural death," he said.

"Akhilesh's family must have had some role in her death."

Police superintendent Chaturvedi said: "A case has been registered against the accused. We are interrogating him to know as to how and why he killed his wife."

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