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Referendum: Swiss vote for more anti-discrimination

BERN. Almost two thirds of the Swiss (63.1 percent) voted to expand anti-racism legislation. In the future, in addition to the degradation of people of other ethnic or religious backgrounds, the slander against homosexuals will also be punished.

Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter (FDP) tried to counter fears of a further restriction of freedom of expression in the evening. "If you are decent, you do not have to be afraid to land in front of the judge," said the liberal politician. Three cantons - Schwyz, Uri and Appenzell Innerroden - rejected the initiative of SP MP Mathias Reynard.

Approval was particularly high in French-speaking Switzerland. In the canton of Vaud, 80.2 percent of citizens voted for the extension of the anti-discrimination directive. What exactly is punishable is deliberately kept vague in the referendum and will be left to the interpretation of the Swiss courts. There are currently an average of 24 convictions per year for the anti-racism punitive norm.

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