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Hamburg AfD calls for ban on Indymedia

HAMBURG. The AfD group in the Hamburg citizenship has called for the shutdown of the radical left-wing Internet portal Indymedia. “Indymedia is the largest online hate and pretzel portal. It doesn't matter in the fight against hate crime. A defensive democracy combats hate crime - no matter what its color, ”said faction leader Dirk Nockemann. "That's why Indymedia must finally be unplugged! The threat of violence against dissenters and calls for violence must have consequences. "

The occasion is another post published on the portal with private addresses of leading Hamburg AfD politicians and the call to make them “problems”. These should "not feel too well," it says.

Regular calls to crime

It is not the first such call on Indymedia. The AfD therefore repeatedly calls for the shutdown of the radical left-wing network.

In August 2017, the then Federal Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière (CDU), banned the left-wing offshoot linksunten.indymedia. However, he assured that the move was not against the German main page of Indymedia. "I emphasize that the measures are not directed against the global Indymedia network, but only against the left-wing extremist German branch."

Since the closure, however, it can be observed that - as in the past - crimes are regularly called on Left-wing extremists also published confessional letters there. Recently, a left-wing extremist group on Indymedia called on the corona crisis to be used for looting and riots. (krk)

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