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Künast demands permanent funding for Antifa groups

BERLIN. The Greens member of the Bundestag Renate Künast has called for permanent financing of Antifa. “I am tired of how we have been struggling for years so that NGOs and Antifa groups that are committed can struggle for their money and can only conclude employment contracts from year to year. You must have reliable funding, ”she said in the Bundestag.

She also complained that these organizations were being cut back over and over again. The fight against right-wing extremism also requires institutions that work independently and scientifically. As a first step, she demanded that the word "race" be removed from the constitution.

Antifa threatens AfD

In her speech in parliament, she warned of new manifestations of right-wing extremists. They would no longer come “in bomber jackets and spring boots, but with a white collar and twed jacket”.

In the past, Künast had spoken out against an observation of the Left Party by the constitutional protection. The authority should not be misused for this.

Antifa groups had repeatedly made headlines through attacks and attacks on AfD politicians. In Berlin, the party is currently unable to find any space for its state party conference because of Antifa's threats. (ag)

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