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Netherlands: Medical research teams are the first to discover COVID-19 antibody

Researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and at Utrecht University have reported that they have discovered an antibody which combats COVID-19 infection.

If their discovery is confirmed, the antibody could form the basis of the first COVID-19 vaccine, as reported by Free West Media, or possibly even a medicine, which could be developed more quickly than a vaccine.

t may still take some time before an antidote is made available to the public, however. The discovery needs to be verified through the peer review process and it would need to be tested on human subjects before it could be produced for mass distribution.

Free West Media described it as “a monoclonal antibody, capable of recognizing the protein” that can infect humans. “The antibody has the ability to bind to the aforementioned protein and, consequently, is able to prevent the virus from connecting to the respiratory cells.”

If verified, the discovery could lead to the development of a test for infection that people could use themselves at home, in addition to an antidote. The researchers also believe that the antibody could be effective in treating other viruses which might develop out of the same strain in the future.

“If you were to take this as a patient, it is expected . . . that the infection will be stopped,” Grosveld explained. “And so it can give the patient an opportunity to recover.”

Many European countries are taking extreme measures in order to try to slow the spread of the virus. Angela Merkel said that it is anticipated that 70% of Germans will eventually be infected with the disease, as reported by Voice of Europe.

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