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Erdogan sent agent to Norway to keep Turkish migrants religious

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent an agent to the Turkish embassy in Norway late last month to ensure that Turks living in Norway remain loyal to Turkey, Erdogan, and Islam, according to reports.

The agent, Mehmet Fatih Ozer, was apparently presented as an advisor on religious services, and is known to work the Directorate of Religious Affairs, an organization which has tentacles that stretch across Western Europe, news portal Rights Norway reports.

The Directorate of Religious Affairs exerts its influence in Turkish mosques in Oslo, Bergen, Drammen, Trondheim, Moss, and Stavanger. Many consider the organization to be one of most important tools that Erdogan has to spread Islam across Europe.

On the Facebook page for Turkey’s embassy in Norway, Mehmet Ozer published a video which shows sitting with the Quran. The video presents a campaign that will run during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Videos with Islamic messages that are targeted at Turkish youths in Norway will be published each day during the month long campaign.

Norwegian Islam-critical journalist Hege Storhaug has argued that Erdogan is creating a fifth column in Norway – something that Norwegian politicians and journalists in mainstream press haven’t seemed to notice.

“The politicians says they believe in integration, but what do they think Turkish kids and youths learn from Erdogan Quran schools in his mosques in Norway? We have never seen a single article about Erdogan’s mosques in the big media channels NRK, NRK, TV2, Aftenposten, VG or Dagbladet,” Hege says.

Erdogan openly says that Turks in Europe shouldn’t integrate.

Last year, Swedish media criticized the Malmö city council after a festival arranged by a Turkish group which collaborates closely with Erdogan’s European propaganda institution – Union of International Democrats – was allowed to be held.

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