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HARRIS: Canada needs COVID-19 accountability now, not later

A big-time Canadian media figure recently covered live a premier’s news conference on the COVID-19 culling of long-term care residents. Federal and provincial governments were ill-prepared for the Wuhan virus catastrophe, manfully declared the journo. Then, added: “Does it help us to call them out? No.”

End of story. No promise to chase the issue later.

Certain national media personalities do this. Masquerading as fearless truth-tellers, they avoid pursuing specific accountability allegations that could later limit their access to prime ministers and premiers for money-shot interviews.

So let’s do the hard, honest work, ourselves.

We need COVID-19 accountability – now. Why? Because the very people and institutions whose actions may now be costing lives and collapsing finances, could still be influencing Canada’s disaster management.

The UN World Health Organization’s first non-physician head, Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is a – forgive my Maoism – Chinese-imperialist running-dog. As minister in his country’s terror-linked regime, he allegedly hid three cholera epidemics.

Ethiopian Amhara ethnic group members charge Dr. Tedros, an ethnic Tigrayan, with inflicting crimes against humanity on Amharas through his government medical work. Tedros, whose WHO leadership campaign Xi Jinping’s regime ran, unsuccessfully nominated Chinese-backed Zimbabwean mass-murderer Robert Mugabe as a WHO goodwill ambassador.

But there is still WHO goodwill ambassador Peng Liyuan. She was appointed by controversial Hong Kong-born Canadian former WHO chief, Margaret Chan, in a 2011 statement failing to mention Peng’s hubby, then-Chinese vice president Xi Jinping.

Tedros cost lives by carrying Beijing’s COVID-19 disinformation: denying mass Wuhan contagion, human-to-human spread, the value of air-travel bans from Chinese hot zones, and more. China-driven WHO isolated Taiwan, the world now struggling to learn Taiwan’s anti-COVID success secrets. 

Virus-ridden China apparently enabled contamination of the West, so that the locked down country could keep up with foreign trade competitors.

Ottawa must investigate WHO’s sordid background, pushing for radical organizational reform and Tedros’ ouster.

What of Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam? Tam’s sincerity and medical giftedness cannot blunt the need to investigate her role as federal medical supremo in Canada’s debacle.

This, especially when the Trudeau cabinet publicly and slavishly defers to her. Why did Tam accommodate the dangerous Beijing-via-WHO line about inter-human contagion? Why object to blocking international travel – particularly from China? Why push wrong-headed WHO spin against citizens wearing masks? Where was her advice in the years when PPE stockpiles were needed?

What exactly is Tam’s WHO “special adviser” role? How did she become one of only seven members of WHO’s “independent oversight and advisory committee?” Was “Canada’s top doctor” pressured to embrace WHO’s sinophilic perversion of the world’s – and Canada’s – health care interest?

Public confidence and professional ethics oblige Dr. Tam to condemn China-WHO’s lethal betrayal of medical science, ethics and humanity, and resign from tainted WHO bodies. When will she do so?

But what about Canada’s other federal, provincial and municipal health officers? Did they not warn authorities of PPE and ventilator shortages threatening us? Some of these same professionals now prescribe how Canadians must sacrifice to repair this fiasco. Are firings and professional sanctions in order?

The truth will build momentum for independent public inquiries into our national emergency’s origins – inquiries required to avoid future, ruinous repetitions that would enfeeble ourselves and allies, and strengthen and embolden a strategic enemy.

 David B. Harris is a lawyer and director of the intelligence program of INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc, Ottawa.

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