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German intelligence: Turkish government helped to start riots at Greek border by deploying agents disguised as migrants

The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) says it has intelligence which indicates that the Turkish government deployed state forces disguised as migrants to help incite riots at the Greek border.

The BND has accused Turkish state actors of posing as migrants themselves at the Greek-Turkish border, starting fires and throwing projectiles at Greek border forces to assist the mobs of migrants in breaking through the border fence, German magazine Focus Online reports.

Unsurprisingly, Erdogan’s regime has denied such allegations.

As the Voice of Europe has chronicled, Turkey opened the border to Europe at the end of February and told migrants that the way to the European Union was open. The ordeal lasted until about halfway through March, with Greek security forces having denied at least 50,000 attempts by migrants to illegally cross the border.

Most of the migrants who were detained were not from Syria, but were found to have originated mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey.
During the crisis, Greek authorities also accused the Turkish regime of bussing thousands upon thousands of migrants – most of whom were fighting-aged men – to the Greek border. Greece’s government also accused Turkey of arming the migrants with tear gas.

However, days ago, as the coronavirus began rapidly spreading throughout Turkey, Turkish authorities evacuated thousands of migrants who had been waiting at the border with Greece as a precaution.

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