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Southern Europe Italy: Young nurse commits suicide out of fear she would infect others with COVID-19

Italy’s National Federation of Nurses announced last week that a young nurse working on the frontlines of the global pandemic who had contracted the virus took her own life out of fear that she would infect others.

34-year-old Daniela Trezzi, who had worked in an intensive care unit of the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza, north of Milan took her own life on Tuesday, March 24th two weeks after she was placed in quarantine after testing positive for the COVID-19 virus, the Rome based newspaper Il Messaggero reports.

Italian healthcare workers fighting on the frontlines of this crisis have been exposed to some of the most intense working conditions seen by healthcare workers in Europe as a result of the severity of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak. As of right now, Italy has recorded 92,472 cases and over 10,000 deaths.
Trezzi’s colleagues have said that they also feel “intense stress” due to the prospect of infecting those around them.
The National Federation of Italian Nurses has paid tribute to the deceased nurse, writing: “The 450 000 professionals in Italy stand with the family, friends and colleagues of Daniela” they said on Twitter. “Nurses never abandon anyone, even – and this has just been proven – at the risk of their own lives. We should not abandon nurses.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first instance of a nurse having recently committed suicide out of fear of infecting others with the virus.

According to the nursing organization, just a week earlier another nurse committed suicide in Venice, Italy “for the same reasons”. The nurse is said to have drowned herself in the Piave river.

Last week, Voice of Europe reported that since the pandemic really began to pick up steam and a lockdown was ordered in Italy, the country has seen an epidemic of crime.
Voice Of Europe
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