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Kim Jong Un in 'vegetative state' after stent procedure gone wrong

Japanese magazine cites medic as saying delay in a simple surgery left Jong Un in a severe condition.

As mixed signals are coming regarding the state of North Korea's Kim Jong Un, an unconfirmed report in the Japanese media claims that Pyongyang's leader may be in a vegetative state.

According to by Shukan Gendai, a Japanese magazine, during a visit to a rural area earlier in April, Jong Un unexpectedly collapsed, clutching his chest.

Citing a member of a Chinese medical team in North Korea, the outlet says the North Korean leader was rushed to a nearby hospital, with help from Beijing called it at once.

Jong Un reportedly required a stent procedure -- a surgery that involves a tube placed into a congested blood vessel to ensure the blood circulation can continue.

While the procedure in question is not too complex, the magazine's source said, the surgeon was not used to dealing with patients with obesity and was too nervous during the operation, resulting in a delay which left Kim Jong Un in a "vegetative state."

Earlier in the day, Reuters reported that Beijing sent a team of experts to Pyongyang to advise on Kim Jong Un.

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