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Sadiq Khan blames racism for ethnic minority virus deaths

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has condemned what he called ‘structural racism’ for causing a large chunk of the deaths in Britain from the coronavirus from the BAME community.

In a piece he wrote for The Guardian, he argued that the suggestion that the crisis was a ‘great leveller’ is a ‘complete myth’, on the grounds that the virus is infecting BAME people disproportionality’.

He blamed the poor ‘socioeconomic’ conditions for why many BAME people are catching the virus, and concluded that ‘it’s by no means a revelation’ that such a ‘link’ existed, Policalite reports.

While thanking the government for launching a review into this matter, he felt that it wasn’t enough; saying that data on the demographics of the victims of the virus, would ‘help bring the true scale of the problem to life’.

He also blamed employment issues for the virus’ spread in the community, mainly those of ‘insecure, low-paid’ origin. Finally, he called for a ‘new social contract that advances the twin causes of racial and economic equality’, calling it the ‘most fitting tribute we could pay to all the courageous people who have lost their lives on the frontline of this battle’.

The Labour Party is also examining this issue, calling for an inquiry on the subject matter.

Khan has been severely criticised for his response to the virus, which many have called inadequate, no more so than his Conservative challenger for the title in next year’s London Mayoral election Shaun Bailey. Khan has held the office since 2016, taking over from Conservative Boris Johnson.

Black people are more likely to die from the virus, with Doctor John Campbell telling Politicalite that since the start of the pandemic people with darker skin have immune systems that are depleted because the sun where we get vitamin D from is harder to be processed into the body.

He recommends all year-round supplements should be taken by ethnic people, with white skinned only during winter months, especially north of the equator, as in the UK we just do not get enough sunlight.  

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