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A Person Denying Free Air to Another Person is Pure Evil and Must Be Killed

Written by John (the other John).

There is a group of people who are just completely inhumane in their political beliefs. But none of their beliefs compares to their stance in which they absolutely oppose giving people in need free air. I am stunned to hear this. Why would they oppose giving people free air. After all, air is limitless and it is everywhere and it is free, yet they are so evil that they refuse to share the air. They are hoarding the air for themselves, and they just pass it on from generation to generation. By these people refusing to share the air, it just proves how racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic that these people are. 

That is why there are organized progressive groups looking to attack these people who refuse to share the free air. These progressive groups will find a way to have the air shared, and if the evil people still refuse to share the air, then the progressives will find a way to take the air from them thru the use of violence, or by stuffing the election ballots with people imported from abroad to vote for sharing the air. But whatever happens, the progressives will take that air somehow. 

Now that you read the above, re-read it again; but this time, delete the word “air”, and instead insert the word “money”. So now that you re-read it with this slight amendment, you will get a glimpse inside the mind of these Leftist loons who honestly believe that money is free and infinite, and that we must be pure evil by refusing to give undeserving people our hard earned money. And if we refuse to give them our money, yes, they do will commit harm upon us.

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