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Austria has more asylum applications

VIENNA. The number of asylum applications in Austria increased significantly in the first quarter of 2020. By the end of March, 3,419 people had applied for asylum in the Alpine Republic. Compared to the same period last year, this means an increase of 14.4 percent. However, the Federal Ministry of the Interior pointed out that the figures were provisional.

The 2,616 male immigrants face 803 women. 25 people are under the age of 14, 293 of the migrants are between the ages of 14 and 18. After Syria, Afghanistan is the most common country of origin of applicants, followed by Morocco, Somalia, Iraq and Algeria. While 78 percent of 1,030 Syrian citizens received a positive residence permit, less than half were accepted by Afghan applicants. None of the 187 Moroccans obtained the right to stay in the Alpine Republic.

Asylum Association: Use Vienna's exhibition hall for migrants
In the meantime, the Plattform für eine menschliche Asylpolitik (“Platform for a Human Asylum Policy”) had asked the Austrian government and the Vienna city government to bring people from the Greek refugee camps into the country. According to the news portal Today, those responsible for the asylum association suggested using the Vienna exhibition hall with 880 beds as a reception facility. After the quarantine period ended, people could be moved to Austrian communities. Several localities have agreed to do so.

A platform spokeswoman said that Austria's migration policy was "shameful" . “Unaccompanied adolescents, women with children, old and sick people at high risk could be cared for here without having to create new infrastructure. Everything is already there, the help could begin immediately."

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