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UK: Far-left mobs chase down and beat random white British men in London (VIDEO)

Video footage of violent BLM and far-left activists chasing down and beating random white British men on the streets of London has emerged and is circulating on social media.

Despite the violent character of the so-called “protesters”, the mainstream press has largely referred to them as “peaceful”. The counter protesters, however, were painted in a drastically different light by both the media and politicians.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quick to denounce the counter protesters as “racist thugs”.
In a tweet, Johnson wrote: “Racist thuggery has no place on our streets. Anyone attacking the police will be met with full force of the law.”

“These marches and protests have been subverted by violence and breach current guidelines. Racism has no part in the UK and we must work together to make that a reality.”
All and all, more than 100 people were arrested during the demonstrations for offense such as assault on police, possession of an offensive weapon, and violent disorder, a spokesperson for Scotland Yard said.

Six police officers suffered injuries during the clashes .

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