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When Sharks Smell Blood; The Drew Brees Story

Written by John (the other John).

This article is a sequel to a prior article entitled “Giving Your Lunch Money to the School Bully: Does it Work in Befriending the Bully?” (see: Drew Brees is a future Hall of Fame quarterback for an American football team in New Orleans (a majority black city), and he is also an all-around good guy; he is charitable, and he is patriotic. Traditionally, these two traits were a winning combination, but today in the era of “woke progressivism”, that is a toxic mix.

By way of background, there exists much anti-Americanism by numerous multi-millionaire footballers who believe that life is unfair to them because police officers are enforcing the laws against those who: 1) commit crimes, AND 2) resist arrest (and because of the resisting of arrest, the police officers need to physically subdue the culprit). So to protest this, some footballers decided to kneel during the American National Anthem as a sign of hatred of America (the country where these players became multi-millionaires because they play well with balls).

Let us jump ahead to the present. Drew Brees spoke up and said that the American flag should not be disrespected by people kneeling during the National Anthem; and that people can protest a different way. So at this point, Brees showed that he is a true patriotic American. However, this act of patriotism made him a reviled figure to the sharks (Leftist in socialist media, BLM, Anti-fact, etc…). Brees being a nice guy was caught off guard, so he quickly went on an “apology tour” saying that he was wrong, and that people should protest “systemic racism” committed by honkeys in America. So to repeat, within 24 hours he went from patriot to him surrendering by supporting anti-Americanism. And despite his surrender, the sharks are not satisfied, they want more. Brees was so stunned by this backlash to his patriotism, that I am willing to bet that if the American football season restarts after Covid, that he himself will kneel during the National Anthem as the ultimate form of surrender by essentially giving America the big f—k you.

So there lies the dilemma, that once the person surrenders, the sharks are not satisfied. All of a sudden, him kneeling is not enough. What’s next for Brees. What if they tell him to “spit on the crucifix and break it in half”, will he do that. (After all, Christianity is mostly a honkey religion). And let’s say he does that, what’s next after that? What if they tell him to “slap his honkey mama across the face for giving him birth”, will he do that too? Then what? The point being, if you give in to a bully, they will want more; they will never stop demanding more. Even if they demand that he commit suicide, and let’s say he does, the sharks will still want more (perhaps to sell his estate assets and use the proceeds for some “socialist justice” cause). Then what after that? Even then they will want more.

At what point do we not only stand up to bullies and say “no more”, but for us to also demand a refund and take back what is ours.

So just remember, much like in the tale of Azrael (the Arabic Angel of Death), no matter how many souls he takes, he is never satisfied, he always wants “more”; the same applies withour domestic instigators, they too always want “more”.
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