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White Privilege: What is This?

Written by John (the other John).

We often hear from Leftists that we have the benefit of “white privilege” as an attempt by them to denigrate what we earned and accomplished, by them alleging that whatever we have is due to us having exploited other people. But is this true, and what exactly is this?

“White privilege” -- code word for denouncing the idea of people having a “loving two parent household, in which some of the virtues that are taught include but are not limited to the: family unit, education, religion, hard work, healthy living, honesty, integrity, humility, fairness, justice, charity, good judgment, equality”. But mind you, this is not a privilege, but instead it should be the norm in every family. And this applies to people globally (whether Arabic, African, Japanese, Argentinian, European/American, etc....; this is not limited to “white people”, unlike the narrative that these Leftists espouse). It is only disparaged as being a “privilege” by those who lack this family structure AND whom hate white people (which ironically, white-haters are mostly whites themselves).

But to those who claim this to be the most significant political issue today, this is nothing more than “fool’s gold”. They think that they found a winning argument to justify their failures, but it is nothing more than a mirage or a puff of smoke; that is, they try to grab it so they can possess it, but alas, it has vanished. So the search for their fool’s gold continues for another catch-phrase to belittle other people. And although this attempt is quite successful within their own echo-chamber, this however will fail to persuade the electorate in November, so then the search for fool’s gold will again continue to find the next insult against the people whom they envy (and thus hate).

Photo: The Daily Beast
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