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Brandon Keith Brown, The Forrest Gump Of Racism

Brandon Keith Brown is an African American conductor living in Berlin, nothing unusual there. Until you know him a little bit more. He's not promoting his career on social media, but aimed his efforts at maximizing existing differences between blacks and whites usually resorting to putting himself in the role of the victim. He is not here to build bridges, but to create huge gaps and even add gasoline to the fire if necessary.

I came across with him on Facebook and I became very curious when I noticed his obsession about race. I found it difficult to understand how could it be that an apparently successful man would be the target of so much racism, especially because I know blacks who are less successful than him, but none of them reported racist attacks. Then I found an article he wrote for Der Tagesspiegel published on 16 September 2019. Originally written in English and translated into German, under the title of "As an African American in Berlin, multiculturalism is the core of racism" the article drew a significant amount of criticism in the comments section for his description of the German society which departed from reality for most people, including foreigners like me.

Some readers, completely devoid of any critical thinking due to their need for a daily dose of self-victimization believed him. Many Germans and other Western Europeans would believe and embrace with empathy his words because they have already been indoctrinated into accepting the idea that the only way to measure their existence is through the lowest points of history, something that Brown knows very well and exploits it successfully.

Brown was rather active on a Facebook group called "Free Advice Berlin" until he was called out for his racism, and on 5 June, Deutschland Funk published another of his articles, "Classical music divided by race and class". Another rant against whites.

This also shows us that German journalists seem prone to publish anything that could portray them or Europeans as executors of evil actions, regardless of the lack of evidence to support these arguments. No need to verify the source either.

His ridiculous accusations against Germans and constant self-victimization based on the color of his skin prompted me to find out more about who he was, what opinions he had, and if possible why he hates whites so much. In the process I managed to collect some information about him, who I often refer to, in my circle of friends, as the Black Forrest Gump or the Black Hitler. It is difficult to decide which nickname fits him better, but as you will see, he is some sort of Forrest Gump of racism. Everywhere he goes, he becomes the protagonist of racist attacks. It seems that people are actually waiting for him to appear so that they can unleash their repressed hatred.

A magnet for racism
Brown started to get radicalized in 2019. By November of 2018 he accused white colleagues of asking him to avoid talking about racism and to actually covert any racist episode in a similar way as if he was asked to be an accomplice of crimes he would be a victim of. (here is his post)

I tried to imagine the episode in the following way:
-"Hey Brandon, my man. Look, [stares around and whispers] if you see some of us whites doing something racist against any of your people, just keep it quiet, alright?"

He did not report similar incidents prior to November 2018.

Here some of his anti-white trash
On his Facebook profile he has more than 160 mentions against white people only in 2019 (I stopped checking in 2020 as the task was terribly boring). He complains about white anxiety, white fragility, white universities, white opinions, white this, white that... and then if a black person doesn't engage in his wrath, he will then propose to discuss about "black fragility". His behavior is now bordering a state of delusion that should not be ignored.

Here some examples of Brown's madness:
So, according to him, whites go around blocking blacks on the sidewalks and that this is a serious issue in Germany. This is the first time in my life I read of "sidewalk blocking" racism, and the sidewalks in Berlin are in many cases as wide as the streets! Who performs that kind of behavior, 5-year old kids, maybe?

Is the reader so obsessed with the color of people's skin as he does? Are these the kind of thoughts lingering in your mind every single day? If we put his obsession into serious consideration, we may easily come to the conclusion that this man does have a problem. Why do we let these kind of people have a free pass?

His accusations are so ridiculous that people around him started to turn away to avoid any confrontation. In the group Free Advice Berlin on Facebook, it has even been discussed whether the grocery dividers were racists or not. This is the level of dementia that we must accept as part of tolerance.

A non-existent act of racism recreated with an illustration, the fodder to black-supremacists who need to boost their victimization.

Anyway, it's all about identity, right?:

...and he continues with this anti-white rants... for instance, white women never say "excuse me". That does not exist in their vocabulary, and it happens "all day long", as Brown claims:

Whites are even responsible of black people's hypertension, not their eating habits or other factors. No way!

Racism goes rampant, according to Brown, not even music can escape. Is he complaining about the use of the N word in rap music? Nope. The stereotypes and violent lyrics against other groups (gays, women) so commonly present in rap music? No, his concern is different. You must stand up for your blackness, but damn whites and their whiteness!

The "dear white people..." phrase, the three words to begin with any racist sentence today. Once you see them, you know what is coming.

He throws accusations of cultural appropriation, but he demands not to be questioned. Probably, if you do, then it is because you're brainwashed by whites, or maybe it's your whiteness speaking on your behalf. Opinions that are not supposed to be questioned are not opinions, but statements from authoritarians.

Even a series of zeros and ones from artificial intelligence are racist too. Everything is racist, according to the Anita Sarkeesian of blacks.

More recently, someone complained about a bus driver from BVG, the bus company in Berlin. His advice is similar to other instances where he aimed at getting people outraged and the alleged perpetrator ousted and exposed. However, it's illegal in Germany to film or photograph someone without their consent or to make serious accusations without evidence.

Fortunately, people started to realize who he is and what he's been looking for:

The above comments were posted in the group Free Advice Berlin, however, he has been active spreading anti-white hatred in other groups, such as Berlin Musicians Group, and The Black Berlin group.

I had to stop collecting all his racist garbage, but there is a lot more as you can imagine.

Here is a list of all the episodes where he claimed to have been discriminated due to the color of his skin.
  1. He claims that he had to pull over twice in the US, guns pointing at his head, because of racism, of course (link)
  2. He gets cursed by a cafe worker because he questioned the bill (link)
  3. He accuses Brown University of being racist, because he was fired after being accused of "intimidation" by the students (2017). He also accused the students of being racists. (link). Again in 2019 he accuses Brown University of being an "all white university (link). On 15 July accuses Brown University and the students of being all racists and that an investigation is currently underway (link)
  4. An old woman yelled at him telling him he shouldn't get inside his own building and he ends up arguing with her because she is "racist" (link)
  5. At Naumann Drei of racism because a waiter said "I don't know you", when he claimed he goes there often, and as he didn't consume anything he was asked to unplug his computer and leave. In other comments he compares them to Auschwitz (link)
  6. At Galeries Lafayette Berlin, a white male customer called him a '"black bastard" and left the place (link)
  7. He accuses T-Mobile of racism, because one guy said he remembered him, as if all black people looked the same. He complains about racial profiling because he needs to show an identification in order to have a prepaid account (link)
  8. He accuses Literaturen Café of being racist because he is being told that in order to have water, he needs to buy coffee (link)
  9. At Goodies Berlin he asks in English espresso with hot water on the side, he gets told "This is Deutschland" by some people there. He accuses the place of being racist (link)
  10. At Le Moon refuses to take his order because he does it in English and gets told that "this is Deutschland" (link)
  11. He accuses Germans of staring down to blacks, when he and his group of people occupy white spaces in the first class lounge of Deutsche Bahn trains (link)
  12. He claims to have been assaulted and discriminated at Hilton Hotels & Resorts (link)
  13. He claims that white colleagues asked him to cover racism (link)
As shown before, in September 2019 he wrote that if he doesn't smile, it's not because he's mean, threatening, violent or dangerous. It's because he doesn't trust white people "with his safety" (?).
So, he admitted that his attitude looks mean, threatening, violent and dangerous. So, how on earth is he expected to be treated fairly? If you go around looking for trouble, you will find it.

When trouble is not there, he will create it. For example, Germans feeling uncomfortable for his taking of "white spaces" in a train. What white spaces? Color-based segregation does not exist in our societies, but in his own mind. How people look at him or just their indifference may be taken by Brown and then twisted to fit his victim narrative, where he's the sole recipient of attacks, discrimination and abandonment.

Fired from Brown University
Brandon Keith Brown was hired in May 2017 only as music director of the University Orchestra and visiting professor of music by the Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. In October 2017 he was fired from his temporary position, an aspect that Brown prefers to omit, after several students accused him of intimidation.

“If we hire someone as a visitor, it is very rare that we let them go in the middle of the year. It would have to be a really clear indication that they are not doing their job for us to let them go,” said Kevin McLaughlin, Dean of the faculty to The Brown Daily Herald.

“Due to the temporary nature of his position, Keith Brown was hired without extensive involvement from the University’s administration,” McLaughlin said.

During his short time as orchestra conductor, students voiced concerns regarding Keith Brown’s leadership.

Natasha Richmond, a violinist who played in the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra prior to coming to the University, described a culture of fear that developed in the orchestra that does not exist among professional orchestras.

Irene Tang, the principal player in the violin section, said Keith Brown would regularly belittle her leadership as the orchestra’s concertmaster and “correct me in front of everyone else.”

One of the UMass-Amherst students, who chose to remain anonymous for fear of professional repercussions, said Keith Brown mocked his accent in front of the orchestra. 

Currently, he is an activist of the Black Lives Matter movement. Yes, the man who refuses to smile because of white people, the man who talks about "white spaces" in trains and "white opinions". A man who will divide and create enemies everywhere he goes. The view he proposes is not the success of his words, but the lack of criticism from those who listen to his self-referential diatribes and hallucinations of hate.

Brandon Keith Brown Facebook profile
"Orchestra upset by conductor turnover" (The Brown Daily Herald, November 9, 2017)
"University suspends solti conductor for 'intimidation'" (Slipped Disc, October 23, 2017)

Images: all pictures and screenshots taken from public profiles.
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