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Blood-Guilt: Being Moralized by Descendants of Killers

Written by John (the other John).

In today’s crazy world, there exists a certain group of enlightened people who identify themselves as being “woke” and “progressive” (i.e., privileged-honkeys) who feel the need to moralize/bully the rest of us that we somehow violate the alphabet-soup of “…isms” and “….phobes) (ex.: hateful, bigots, racism, Islamophobe, Nazism, xenophobe, homophobe, misogynism, etc…). These wokesters somehow feel that they are removed from the rest of us, and that they somehow they can shed themselves apart from these original-sin “…isms” (sort of like a snake shedding away their skin). But can this be done, or does this defy science? Let’s analyze this.

First and foremost, human life is born when a man and woman procreate; people are not magically born, nor are they created in a science laboratory (sorry to tell you wokesters this fact). That being said, every human who ever lived was/is a descendant to another person, who in turn is a descendant to someone else, and so on and so on, going back to the beginning of the creation of the modern human species (the homo sapiens) perhaps from 100,000 years ago. There are two major schools of thought on this:
  • Those who believe in God believe that humans originated from Adam and Eve.
  • Those believing in the Theory of Evolution believe that the original modern humans were descendants of prior beings (ex. Neanderthals), who in turn were descendants of prior beings (ex. apes).
Whichever version a person believes, the point being is that every person is part of a blood-lineage beginning perhaps 100,000 years ago (or perhaps millions of years ago), and continuing to this very present day.

Now that we established this longstanding blood-lineage, we can also establish the fact that the world was very violent and barbaric throughout the vast majority of this time (absent the modern era in which laws/treaties have been enacted to promote peace). During this violent time-period, the only law was the “Law of the Jungle” (kill or be killed; steal or be stolen from; rape or be raped); any person having had modern-day ethics would have been killed along with his family; hence, no descendants for them. The only way to have survived is to have killed, thus being able to create their own progeny and for them to survive. What this means is that a person alive today in 2020 would have had at least one of their predecessors survive the violent pre-historic, ancient, and medieval era only by having killed other people, thus allowing their blood-lineage to continue to today in 2020.

Stated differently, every single human alive today (from baby, to teen, to adult, to the elderly; from tall to short; from thin to obese; from white to black; from woke to the unwoke) is a descendant of a killer, a thief, and a rapist. To suggest that a 100,000+ year blood-lineage survived throughout this savage time-period with modern-day ethics is unimaginable; but I am sure that the woke will deny this as to themselves (perhaps even deny a blood-lineage at all).

So the point of this article is that the next time you have a wokester try to moralize to you (which is every second of the day), just tell them that they are a descendant of killers, rapists, and thieves, and that their predecessors’ DNA is flowing thru their veins; hence, making them morally deficient and un-pure, so they are unfit to moralize to others. But be cautious, the woke may go bat$hit crazy on you.
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