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Germany: more women abused by migrants

19-year old woman raped by four Afghans
Eisenach - The young woman is said to have drunk at the market on Monday night with one of the suspects - a young Afghan - and later went to an apartment on Georgenstrasse with him.

He and three other men (23 to 36, Afghans) are said to have forced her there against her will to have sex. The victim reported the crime to the police in the morning.

A police spokesman: "The perpetrators were temporarily arrested by the police. The investigation was started by the criminal police."

Source: Bild

Woman abused for hours in demolition building
Frankfurt - In the early morning of May 21, a call from passers-by led a police patrol into a demolition building at Ostbahnhof, which was used by the homeless woman as a place to sleep. In the building, the officials met the completely distraught woman. The police reported that three men had forced her to have sexual intercourse for several hours the previous day and detained them in the building.

At the scene, the officers were able to arrest the 43-year-old suspect. In the course of further investigations, a 52-year-old man was identified as the second suspect based on a DNA match. Shortly after an arrest warrant was issued, officials managed to arrest the man at Ostbahnhof in June.

Through a tip from the personal environment of a detainee, the last suspect was finally arrested in Dietzenbach in July. The three suspects have Bulgarian citizenship and are currently in custody.

Source: Bild
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