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Film funding in Germany: Questionnaires should ensure diversity

HAMBURG. The Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH) has developed mandatory questionnaires for filmmakers on the topic of diversity. "Film more diversity and tell stories that would otherwise go unheard: We want to see our diverse, multicultural society in a modern way and in all its facets on the big screen. We also want to make our sponsors more aware of the topic of diversity, ”said film funding chief Helge Albers.

It was high time to question unconscious prejudices and clichés. "Our diversity checklist and the diverse composition of our funding bodies are a first step," announced Albers.

Questionnaires should be continuously adapted
If you want to receive funding in the future, you must fill out the multi-page questionnaires for the rental, production and development categories. One of the questions asked is: “Are the genders represented in history in a balanced way? Do figures with a non-heterosexual orientation appear? Are you taking marketing measures that appeal to a diverse, multicultural and inclusive society? ”The question about“ People of Color ”in the film is linked to the fact that, according to the Federal Statistical Office, the proportion of people with a migration background in Germany is 25 percent.

The lists were developed with scientists and "diversity experts" in collaboration with representatives of the film industry. They are to be continuously adapted and thus implement the FFHSH's goal of "developing more diversity in film".

FFHSH spokeswoman Claudia Hartmann told Deutschlandfunk that the more diverse a film is, the better it is usually. Experience of the past few years has proven this.

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