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German Left Party: City of Leipzig to pay anti-police graffiti

LEIPZIG. The Saxon member of the state parliament and Leipzig city councilor Juliane Nagel (Left Party) has demanded that the city should promote anti-police graffiti. "The city of Leipzig is making a budget of 5,000 euros available to cover the wall painting with the lettering "No Cops - No Nazis - Antifa Area", according to a corresponding Nagel's resolution. The work should be carried out by artists from the Connewitz district.

The background is repeated smears on the wall of a streetball facility in the extreme left-wing scene stronghold Connewitz . According to the Bild newspaper, the city has had the anti-police spell removed 23 times, but unknown persons have sprayed it on again and again. Since 2017, costs of almost 11,000 euros have arisen.

One of the reasons for Nagel’s request was that tourists come to Connewitz specifically for the graffiti, for example to take a photo. "For this reason alone, it is recommended to renew the now legendary original design and to make resources available for it." However, the Left Party politician declined to install a legal graffiti wall.

In her draft resolution, she also asked to set up a tennis table and a climbing wall. This was planned by the city, but was never implemented. The city of Leipzig announced that it would decide after the summer break.

Dachau supports left-wing radical band
Meanwhile, the city of Dachau has decided to support a left-wing punk band financially. Representatives of the SPD, the Greens and the Alliance for Dachau voted in the city council to sponsor an “online ghost concert” by the band “Sabot Noir” with 750 euros. CDU and AfD referred to the band's lyrics and their connections to the extreme left-wing scene.

In the song "Fuck cops" the musicians sing about: "I hate you, shit bulls! / Yeah yeah yeah yeah I hate the cops! / I will hate you forever! / Yeah yeah yeah yeah I hate the cops!” The band rejected the allegations to the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) . The CDU and AfD were not concerned "with the political discussion of our music", but with discrediting uncomfortable art.

The song "Fuck cops" is also not left-wing extremist. In it "we problematize police violence and structural racism," the newspaper quoted the 28-year-old musician Nicolas M., who does not want his name published for fear of right-wing hostility. "We have never heard the accusation that our music is undemocratic." The band stands for "an anti-fascist attitude and for freedom," writes the SZ .

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