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Germany: the Green Party wants to be less white

Berlin (AFP) - The Greens want to map the social diversity in the party and in future anchor this claim in the party statutes. Party leader Robert Habeck said on Monday in Berlin that it was a matter of reviewing the structures of the Greens, "how representative they are for the open, diverse society". He pointed out that, for example, the Green Party executive "is not richly blessed with people with a migrant background".

It is a "democratic deficit if the overwhelming majority of the mandate holders are white and academic," said Gesine Agena, chair of the Greens' Diversity Working Group. She referred to the women's statute that has been anchored in the statute since 1986 as the basis for equality between women and men among the Greens.

In addition to this women's statute, a diversity statute should now be included in the statutes, according to the proposal of the working group. The Green Party Conference in November should decide on this.

Habeck said newspaper taz: "Many social groups are still underrepresented and need an audible voice, even in politics. This requirement also applies to us as a party."

According to taz, the final report of the Diversity Working Group states that it is a matter of critically questioning one's own structures and designing them in such a way that no one is related to gender, a racist, anti-Semitic or anti-Gypsy attribution, religion and belief, a disability or illness, age, language, sexual orientation or gender identity, social status, origin or any other attribution is discriminated".

Agena said after a meeting of the Green Federal Executive in Berlin: "We are the first party in Germany to do this." For example, a position for a diversity officer should be created in the federal office, and one person should also be responsible for the topic of diversity in the party committees.

Accordingly, there should initially be no quota for people who are affected by racism. Evaluations should take place on a regular basis and advice should be given on further measures, said Agena.

Source: Deutschland Today
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