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“You’re Under Arrest, Do You Consent”?: Is There Systemic Racism Realism in the American Criminal Justice System in The U.S.?

Written by John (the other John).

In the US, the extreme Left (to include the Democrat leadership, Anti-fact, BLM, media, academia, etc…) say that the criminal justice system suffers from “systemic racism”, as evidenced by recent (as they say) “murders” of black men. But is this true? Let us analyze this.
  1. In the US, the criminal justice system was established to handle only a certain level of crime. So any higher level of crime than originally anticipated would cause a glitch in the criminal justice system.
  2. In the US, the criminal justice system was established in anticipation of those people being arrested would put up minimal to no resistance when placed under arrest. So if a person puts up a resistance to arrest above what is expected (ex., outright physically and violently fighting off the cops), then this too would cause a glitch in the criminal justice system.
  3. In the US, the criminal justice system was not established to handle people who are otherwise giants of men (in which arresting them is difficult), thus this too would cause a glitch in the criminal justice system.
  4. And finally, the US criminal justice system was not established to handle litigious lawyers and treasonous prosecutors who side with the criminal, and who battle police officers like a blood-sport.
  5. But as bad as the first four scenarios are, this problem is magnified manifold when a scenario involves all four variables (a giant of a man with a violent history is drugged up and violently resists arrest, and then lawyers are suing the cops, and the prosecutor files criminal charges against the cops). The US criminal justice system was definitely not set up to properly handle this scenario.
So here we are today, in which American police officers are merely performing their jobs by trying to arrest somebody who violated a law. But as it turns out, some of those lawbreakers apparently did not consent to being arrested, so they put up a violent resistance to avoid being arrested (to include fighting with the cops, taking the cops weapon, etc…). At this point, that person cannot be merely released by the cops, but instead they must contain that person so to effectuate the arrest. So as the struggle worsens, this only escalates the required response by the cops (and sometimes things do not go well for the lawbreaker). The result, a heroes parade for the cops? No!

Instead, the cops are being sued, fired, and criminally prosecuted for having to get physical (or even shoot) a suspect who meets all of the above variables while violently resisting arrest. And because the criminal justice system did not train cops for these scenarios involving violent resistance by giant men, the effect of this is to set-up the cops and the entirety of the criminal justice system for failure (enter lawlessness and anarchy by Anti-fact and BLM).

So the question is, can any human be trained to handle a violent criminal resisting arrest? Yes. Do cops need the written consent of the lawbreaker to arrest him/her? No. In a scenario such as this, the cops need to get extremely aggressive “by any means necessary” to restrain a violent resistor. Is this evidence of “systemic racism”? No. To the contrary, this is evidence of “systemic realism”. As we learned from history, you do not appease a bad person.

But the larger question is, WTF is going thru the brains of these idiots who are being arrested? WTF are they struggling like it is life or death here? Or is this some form of “racial jihad” in which martyring one’s self will earn rewards of millions of USD to his/her family?

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