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Germany: Policeman attacks Berlin Senate because of anti-discrimination law

BERLIN. Former Berlin police officer and author Karlheinz Gaertner has sharply criticized the capital's red-red-green government for the anti-discrimination law and dealing with criminals. “The fact that there is now an additional 'anti-discrimination law' and an 'independent police officer' fits into this city, where left-wing extremists have been terrorizing the city and police for years, where violent demonstrations have been minced, in which criminal clans out of respect for alleged xenophobia could do what they wanted for decades,” he wrote in a guest post for the Tagesspiegel.

He rejected allegations that police officers often control foreigners without cause. "The allegations are out of thin air. As a rule, it is the victims themselves who provide the cause for police measures. ”The officials had the legal mandate to research and prevent attacks, to recognize dangerous situations in good time and to punish administrative offenses.

Police chief rejects new law
He accused politicians and the media who “complain about latent racism in the police force” of not knowing what everyday life is like for the security forces on the street. "Every second, third assignment, I was insulted as 'Nazi', 'German dog', 'Fascist', 'Racist', 'Enemy of foreigners'.” In view of these conditions, Gaertner concluded that today he would not take a job as a police officer.

The new anti-discrimination law, in which police officers are required to prove that they are innocent, was also rejected by Barbara Slowik, the Berlin police chief . She feared that criminal clans would take advantage of it. The new regulation is intended to alleviate lawsuits against police officers and officials. Criticism also came from Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and several federal states.
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